To become the best quality service provider for SME sector within 5 years.


We have dedicated and highly trained staff who are standing by ready to meet all our clients needs through this organization. We do hope to work closely with you, our clients in order to plan for the present and the future and to provide you with exceptional services. Our services are in the following areas;

1. Assurance Services

This includes external audits which is the core area of our organization.

2. Taxation

This includes preparation of Tax Computations, filing of Tax Returns, Tax Consultancy Services, Tax Planning and handling matters with the Inland Revenue Department on behalf of our clients.

3. Payroll and HR Services

We do processing of payroll on behalf of our clients using our software. This will help clients to maintain confidentially of their salaries. Further other pay related services such as EPF/ ETF/ PAYE are also handled by us.

In addition we do recruitment service for our clients as well.

4. Internal Audits/ Assignments/ Forensic Audits

We have separate a division to conduct Internal Audits of our clients. Further we undertake Forensic Audits and Accounts related assignments.

5. Staff Placement

We do staff placements for clients based on their requirements, such as to cover leave/ vacancies of clients’ staff, or to complete urgent accounting assignments.